My clients love a good challenge. And, that’s what I deliver – feedback that cuts to the core of any issue.

If you like having your edges pushed, are committed to living a great life, and are willing to have a blast along the way…I’ might just be the coach for you.

I love helping people transform their relationships – with themselves, the world, and their creativity.

Don’t hire Kate Rouze as a coach unless you are willing to learn and grow at an accelerated rate. Nothing slips her notice. Expect to be challenged in the most surprising and enlivening ways. Expect your life to be different and better.
Becky Kanis - Director, 100,000 Homes Campaign

My coaching is the result of my decision to use my own life, including my 20-year relationship with my amazing husband, as a playground for growth and transformation.

I have studied with several masters in the field of personal development and mind-body awareness, including Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Hale Dwoskin, Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Byron Katie, Sheila Kelly, David Daniels and David Deida.

In what feels now like a past life, I traveled the world working with different non-profit performing arts organizations, and spent several years working at a hedge fund in Newport Beach.


My credentials include:

BA, Scripps College

Certified Leadership & Transformation Coach, Hendricks Institute

Certified Birkman Consultant