It bodes well that the sole prerequisite I ended up needing to engaging Kate as a life coach was a profoundly enjoyable airplane chat, in which we’d been randomly seated beside each other. I instantly and unhesitatingly started working with her and in the year or so since have been nothing but overjoyed. Kate constantly challenges my thought processes and has been wonderful in helping to push deeper into virtually everything I do.
- Austin Wintory, GRAMMY-nominated composer, conductor and general fan of humanity
Kate’s deep, authentic presence and body wisdom allows me to shift my perspective. I am then able take effective action that is joyful, engaging and fulfilling.
- Patricia Nardone, MS, PhD, RN, Founding Partner, TraceFind Technologies, Inc.
When I was determining which direction to take in my career, Kate led me through a visioning exercise that helped me take a much broader perspective.  Instead of thinking about the very next job, she helped dig at what matters most to me in life.  I came away with a very simple but powerful tool that has even impacted how I see myself.  The whole experience has helped me recognize and build upon my strengths, which is a lot more fun and effective than what I was doing before!
- Julie Anderson, Kaiser Permanente
Kate was a fabulous coach for my team and me. She provided us with thorough assessments and coaching around each team member’s profile, helping us better understand our individual and team assets and gaps. Kate’s gifts of deep listening and brilliant connections were invaluable as we looked to maximize the impact of our small but mighty team!
- Christine Marge, Director of Housing and Financial Stability, United Way of Greater Los Angeles
My visioning session with Kate was extremely powerful. She was an excellent guide and it unfolded easily and gracefully. My experience from the session has stayed with me and it opened up new possibilities. I would highly recommend Kate!
- George Leftwich, Vice President, Research Affiliates
Don’t hire Kate Rouze as a coach unless you are willing to learn and grow at an accelerated rate. Nothing slips her notice. Expect to be challenged in the most surprising and enlivening ways. Expect your life to be different and better.
- Becky Kanis, Director, 100,000 Homes Campaign
Kate has superpowers! She takes something that can seem scary and turns it into a beautiful, sparkly experience. She’s helps you ignite that radiant, wild part of you that’s been caged for years. Kate has helped me stand in my personal power more–in a feminine, heart-infused way. Kate’s work is like dark chocolate with sea salt, you want it in your life everyday.
- Libby Crow,
It’s difficult to sum up the deep influence Kate Rouze has had on my life. Things we’ve talked about often pop up in my daily consciousness and I will forever be reflecting on the wisdom dropped in our conversations. Her commitment to complete authenticity inspires me to no end, and a life lived the Kate Rouze way is one full of excitement, courage, change and intimacy. She is a goddess!
- Rachel Bar-Gadda
Kate inspires confidence, and then delivers.”
- Yonatan Hambourger
Thank you for encouraging me to find my voice (and share it!!) I’m getting such a positive response…it’s really powerful – I’m feeling powerful and connected and creative – thank you!!!”
- Becky Margiotta, Billions Institute
Kate, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful talent!”
- Aryeh Siegel, Author
Having spoken to a number of coaches to help me move closer to what I’m looking to achieve and create, Kate was able to laser-in on certain blocks and unhelpful ways of thinking. Nobody else had been able to pinpoint issues and blocks so accurately and with such grace. At what seemed like a click of her fingers – just like that – things seemed clearer and the fog had lifted. Thank you Kate, you are so kind, generous and warm at the same time you work your magic.”
- Kirsty Wilson, Client
I’ve learned so much from you. You are able to isolate an issue, give real examples, and offer specific advice on how to deal with a particular situation…My relationship with my husband has drastically improved. I have learned to be more present and enjoy life. I am truly much happier because of my shift in my mindset and perspective. I feel that I can handle anything, and with my husband – we can do anything. It’s a great feeling.”
- C.J., Client