Private Coaching:

I offer private coaching sessions, via phone and Skype.


Are you longing for more out of your job or your life in general? You know you have more to offer but your not quite sure where to start or what direction to go.

During this 90 minute deep dive session you will get in touch with what you really want to create in your life and tangible next-action steps to begin your journey.

You walk away with a clear vision of who you are, what you really want and how to offer your gifts to the world.


Laser Feedback

These one-off sessions are for when something comes up, but you know ‘the issue is not the issue’ – there’s something underneath but you can’t seem to get at it on your own.

Or, you just want to bounce an idea off someone you know will challenge you – in a good way.

A gut-check from an advisor you trust.


Feminine Flow

This is for women who have already created great success in their life and relationships by doing things in a mostly masculine way (i.e. task-oriented, assertive, independent, rational, logical, competitive) – who are now ready to relax back into their feminine.

One of my unique gifts is helping women to recognize, embrace and embody the full range of feminine flow, allowing access to the natural grace, ease, and power that comes only from being fully at home and alive in your body.


To start a conversation, please email me, or call 626.354.9338.