June 25, 2015  by katerouze

Flying High – First Class Relationships

Jihad and I just landed here in Taipei, and are waiting in the lounge for our flight to Bali.

I decided on way over that relationships are like flying.

Once you experience first/business class, the thought of flying coach just doesn’t sound like as much fun. It’s fine for quick trips. But for long ones, it’s really worth the investment to upgrade.

When you do fly coach again, it’s all good, of course. You can have a great time, and still get where you want to go…

But you know that just beyond that curtain are lay-flat seats, and blankets and people serving fresh baked cookies, walking up and down the aisle asking if they can get you anything to make your experience more comfortable, more enjoyable.

J and I have created all classes of relationship. And sometimes, we still choose to take the super economy seats, practically pedaling in the back to keep the plane afloat.

But the cool thing is, now we know what it’s like to fly first class. And what it takes. And that it’s totally worth the investment.

I see so many people flying around in economy class relationships, squished, sweaty, and frustrated, drinking little bottles of alcohol to make themselves feel better. And, assuming that that’s the way it’s got to be, or that they can’t afford to upgrade.

But the nice the thing about relationships is you don’t have to pay and arm and a leg, or have fancy status to upgrade. All you need is the desire to grow and a willingness to act, with a dash of relaxed persistence.

Put it out there that you want an upgrade, and your teachers will show up. In fact, they’re probably already there, wondering when you’re going to notice them.

And, for those of you who would like to upgrade but can’t because your partner doesn’t want to or worse, already thinks you’re flying first class – a willing partner is a great plus, but by no means a requirement. Yes, it takes two to tango, but how you show up can change the dance in an instant.

And once you realize that, the real adventure begins.