July 1, 2014  by katerouze

The coldest place to be is half-way in

This morning I found myself standing thigh-high in the ocean. The sky was cloudy and drizzly but the water was warm, and I had not been able to resist getting my feet wet on my morning walk.

This is a recent fixation of mine, so I had come prepared, bathing suit under running shorts.

I had been standing there long enough to get goose bumps, when I turned around to see if my shoes were still on the sand behind me. Not too far away, I saw an old man strip down to his briefs, wade all the way out into the water and catch the first wave that came.

As I watched, I realized I was cold because I was only half-way in.

I got that I had a choice – get in or get out.

Or get colder.

So, out into the waves I went.

And, the amount of fun I was having increased exponentially.

(And, I would venture to say the same for the old man – as I got a quick reminder why saggy-fitting bikini bottoms are not a popular choice among those who actually get in the water at the beach.)

I think life is the same.

Standing on the edge can be fun. Testing the waters is definitely useful.

But half-way in or half-way out of anything is also an energy draining place to be.

At a certain point, you realize your edge has become your comfort zone. And most comfort zones aren’t really comfortable at all.

And while tomorrow, I will be wearing a different bathing suit, I can assure you that frolicking in the ocean half-naked is more fun (for everyone) and definitely more comfortable than standing on the edge of it shivering.