“Does this path have a heart?
If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use..”


-Carlos Castaneda

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    Changing Directions

    Last night I was at dinner with a friend who is planning to move back to her hometown. She was telling me how she doesn’t really want to live there, but she’s already told her family, so she kinda has to go now as not to disappoint. She must have seen a look on my face, because she stopped mid-s […]

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    Life is good

    Ten years ago, today, I did something wild and crazy. I married my man.This is how old we were. 
    Life is good.
    Sometimes it asks you to suspend your belief in logic, right and wrong, and common sense.
    Act accordingly.

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    My man is a man of action

    This is true in many ways, but particularly in our relationship.
    So am I. Well, not a man of action, but you know what I mean. But since it’s easier to spot things in other people, than in ourselves sometimes, I’m gonna talk about him for now.
    Ever since we met, he has been doing all kinds of cr […]

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    Heaven on earth

    Stand on edge of anything long enough
    and eventually you’ll want to jump in
    Today, I fell in love with the ocean – all of it.
    the heat of the sun on my already crispy shoulders
    the surfers and the people talking on their phones
    and my tired body when I got home
    Same goes for how you live yo […]

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    Right now I’m feeling lonely. I was scheduled to go out to dinner with a friend tonight that I haven’t seen in a long time. Something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I had spent time today feeling into what kind of food I wanted to eat and was enjoying going back and forth about logi […]

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    Loving someone when all you want to do is slam the door (to your heart) in their face

    I am a huge fan of David Deida, and this morning a quote of his popped up on my FB feed.
    “Within a relationship, your responsibility is stated as ‘I am not going to retract my heart from you, even if you’re being an asshole.’”
    Yes! It’s so true!
    In my wild and amazing, 15-year, roller-co […]

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    Being feminine does not (necessarily) mean wrapping yourself in saran wrap

    A friend mentioned the other day that when she was young, they still ran advice columns in the newspaper on how to ‘be feminine’. She remembered one such article suggesting that wives open the door for their husbands returning home from work wrapped in nothing but saran wrap. She said that prett […]